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We are considering whether to charter a boat in Mahón or Ciutadella de Menorca. It looks like the forecast for the day is for a north-westerly wind of 15 to 20 km/h. In addition, we plan to bring snorkel and SUP boards for more fun. According to my research, chartering a boat in Ciutadella de Menorca would give us access to stunning locations in the southern region. On the other hand, Mahon seems to provide access to more rugged and scenic spots in the eastern areas. With these factors in mind, we are curious to hear your recommendation as to which location would best suit our preferences. We are looking forward to experiencing the beauty of Menorca and making the most of our yacht charter. Thank you for your guidance and help.

By far the best place to charter a boat in Menorca is Mahon. There are many reasons for this:

1 In high season you will want to book your boat well in advance to get one. As in Menorca you have most of the time north winds or south winds, you want to be flexible on the route, as you always want to sail with offshore winds (for less waves, safety and water quality). When booking in a north or south harbour, you want to book in advance in a harbour that serves the north and south coast. That is effectively only Mahon. From Ciutadella there are no pleasant destinations to the north.

2. The offer is the widest. The 90% of the charter companies are in Mahón, so the offer is wide and diverse.
For boats that can be taken without a licence, you want to be very close to a very nice destination, as they are not safe to go very far. The best places are Cala Galdana and Fornells for unlicensed boats.

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