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Its length, fine white sand and crystal clear water make it a perfect beach for a family day out, with numerous services.

Son Bou

Son Bou is one of the longest beaches in Menorca, located in the municipality of Alayor, 10 minutes from the town, 20.5 km from Mahón and only 41 km from Ciudadela, in the west of Menorca.

Son Bou is characterised by its length, it is the longest beach on the island and one of the few open sea beaches. It is of fine, clear sand, with a gentle slope down to clean, crystalline and shallow waters. From the shore you can see an enormous rock known as "Escull de sa Galera", a crag that rises gently out of the sea. In the easternmost part of the beach, the rocky walls reach between 70 and 80 metres in height. The western, gentler area has smaller cliffs, between 5 and 10 metres high, where we find the beach of Atalis, a small, unspoilt and quiet cove.
The seabed of Son Bou is sandy and very homogeneous with a gentle slope that allows you to go in little by little. When the depth is already a few metres deep, the sand is home to one of the most extensive meadows of Posidonia oceanica, a marine plant that indicates the excellent quality of the water. For swimmers, there is a lifeguard service.
On the other hand, to visit Son Bou is to visit a part of the island's history. On the eastern edge of the area, just a few metres from the beach, is the Paleo-Christian Basilica of Son Bou, built in the 5th century.

At the back of the beach is the Urbanisation of Son Bou, separated from the beach by a sand dune known as "El prat de Son Bou". It is also known as a Beach of Services, as there you will find all kinds of bars, clothes and souvenir shops, supermarkets, restaurants, chemist's and even a water park, in other words, ample leisure possibilities for tourists and holidaymakers.

Access is easy and simple both by land and by sea. Those who wish to access by land should go to Alayor and there follow the signs that will lead them to the urbanisation of Son Bou. Once there, they should continue until they find the totally free car park, which also has fresh water showers. For those who wish to access by boat, they simply have to anchor, respecting the safety distances from the bathers' area, after an hour's sailing from the Port of Mahón, sailing 18 nautical miles.

Do you have children? Whether you like virgin or urbanised beaches, Son Bou is undoubtedly one of the best beaches to access with children. Its easy access by land and by sea, its soft, clean sand, crystal-clear, shallow water and numerous services make it a safe and pleasant beach. However, be aware that due to its large opening to the sea it is very exposed to strong southerly winds. In these cases, it is always better to go to other beaches in the north.

Finally, if you wish to continue walking and lose yourself among the rural paths of the "Camí de Cavalls" you will reach the Santo Tomás housing estate.

Name of the coveSon Bou
Type of sandMedium / 18,1 mn / 54 min
Type of beachWhite sand
RestaurantSeveral tourist bars
Jumping rockThere is no
Anchoring situationSand for anchoring - spacious
Access by landCrowded - access with parking + urbanisation
Reference beachPopular beach
Why is he leaving?Menorca's largest beach
Weather from Mahon1h 16min

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