Many of the best places to enjoy a swim in Menorca are only accessible on foot or by sea. Renting a boat to enjoy these coves is a highly recommended option as well as having the opportunity to spend the day swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing on a boat with your friends or family. In general there are two options for renting a boat in Menorca Driving the boat directly or hiring a boat with crew Both options are valid and for certain small and very simple boats, you don't need a special permit. With a short lesson, you will be able to drive your own boat around the island. Let's take a look at some details and tips on bareboat charter in Menorca, with a specific focus on those that do not require a licence, so you can plan ahead and avoid common mistakes, save a little money, and have the best possible experience. You can hire the boat and go out on your own, without a guide. It's legal and safe to do so. All it involves is knowing how to operate a boat with an engine, a steering wheel and some simple pedals / levers, and the briefing before setting off takes only 5-10 minutes. Is it a good option to hire a boat without a skipper or crew in Menorca? Some may prefer to have no stress and no worries during the boat trip by having another person to do the driving. The aim is that we can concentrate on swimming and sunbathing, having a few drinks or not having to think about the best route or the timetable for returning to port. In that case, you should consider chartering your boat in Menorca with a skipper. In the case of chartering with a skipper you know that you can completely relax and let yourself go knowing that everything will be in good hands. Categories of boats for charter The boats available range from the very elegant to the more traditional. The smallest and cheapest are around four metres long with a 15 horsepower engine. They would be ideal for a couple but, although they can accommodate 4/5 people, they would be a bit cramped for a full group of adults (note that from a price versus capacity perspective, children count the same as adults). These are the ones we can rent WITHOUT a skipper. The larger 5/6 person boats give much more space for hanging out and sunbathing, with more seating and a larger bow or sundeck. Generally these boats CAN ONLY BE RENTED WITH SKIPPER. The duration of the charter is not conditional on having or not having a skipper. Generally, boat hire in Menorca is from 9am to 1pm or from 2pm to 6pm. It is possible to rent the whole day but it all depends on what we have planned. More hours of charter without a skipper require more experience and knowledge of the sea. If you have never done it before, renting for 8 hours can be exhausting.