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We always go north when the wind comes from the south.

Route 3 - Long Distance

On sailing times, from the last stop at 20 knots (fast for a small boat).

Start of route


The historic port of Mahón is not only the largest natural harbour in Europe and the third largest in the world, but also one of the most beautiful. It stretches more than 6 km inland from Menorca, where the island's capital, Mahon, is enthroned on a hill. The island's marinas are also located there. Sailing takes between 20 and 30 minutes, mainly due to the internationally prescribed speed limit of 3 knots, which, however, no one strictly adheres to. Getting in and out is the highlight of the boat trip. You glide past historic sites such as the residence of XXX, the King's Island which, in addition to a hospitable museum, houses the spectacular art centre of the world-famous Galarie Hauser & Wirth. You can also see Lazareto Island, a former quarantine island with double walls, and the imposing Fortaleza de la Mola, at the mouth of the harbour. The 19th century fortifications secured the harbour but were never used.

1st stop - 17 min HIKING

Colom Island

The island is very close to Menorca, you can almost swim across. The channel offers fantastic crystal clear waters and plenty of space for anchoring. However, in July and August it gets very crowded. The island itself offers two unspoilt beaches. The left of the two, "Los Tamarindos" is one of the most beautiful beaches of Menorca and is rarely crowded. The one on the right, "Arenal d'en Moro" is also beautiful. Both can be reached by boat, but anchoring is not allowed in the immediate vicinity. Only very small boats are allowed to land on the beach. Special Feature: Although we are on the north coast, we have these two south-facing beaches with sun until the afternoon.

2nd stop - 25 min HIKING


Mongofre is one of our favourite places on the north coast. Difficult to reach from land. The walk is more than 2 hours from Favarix or Addaia. Both bays are beautiful and wild at the same time. There is a big sand dune that you can climb and sometimes you can see goats in the wild. The beach does not offer any infrastructure.

3rd stop - 40 min HIKING

Pregonda Cove

Cala Pregonda is the most famous beach on the north coast. Characteristic is its red sand and the almost round enclosed bay with artistic rock formations. In summer it can be very crowded and if you are unlucky there is no place to anchor. Then you change to the neighbouring Binimel-la. There is no sandy beach there, but there are crystal clear waters and a great place to anchor. If you do it by land, there is a great restaurant with the same name "Binimel-là" about 15 minutes walk away. Be sure to book, very popular with locals and tourists. However, getting there by car and on foot is a bit tricky.

4th stop - 35 min HALF-TIME TRAVERSE

Des Bot Beach

Attention, this beach is another 25 minutes by car from Pregonda. That is, it takes about 1.5 hours to get back to Mahón. So think carefully if you want to go that far. Whoever decides to do so will not regret it. Not only because the two beaches of the bay, Des Bot and Algaraiarens, are beautiful, but also because beyond the beaches hides an impressive landscape with freshwater canals. If you have a small inflatable boat with you, you should dare to explore. The beaches do not offer any infrastructure.

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