Boat hire in Menorca North or South Coast of Menorca, which one is better for boat trips? | Boat Charter Menorca - Boat Charter Menorca

If there is one thing Menorca can boast of, among many other things, it is having a marvellous coastline, whichever way you look at it, both to the north and to the south, and being such a small island, the differences that can be found are curious. The North Coast, more arid, with harder storms, due to our well-known "tramontana", the South Coast, softer, with beautiful cliffs worth seeing and photographing, in some areas of the North the beaches change the colour of the sand, from white and fine sand in the South, to reddish colour and coarser sand in the North. Depending on the weather, it is better to choose one or the other coast. On the North Coast, close to Mahón, there are several centres of autochthonous population, such as the coves of Es Grau, Es Murta or Sa Mesquida. On the South Coast, although they are different, there are also some places with local population, such as Cala de San Esteban, or Alcaufar, in another section we will describe the coves and beaches of the Menorcan Coast. Whether it is the North or the South, a boat trip along the Menorcan Coast is, possibly, an unforgettable memory of your stay in Menorca.

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